CSIS 100 Final

  1. The Federal Commerce Commission is responsible for enforcing consumer protection laws that prevent fraud, deception, and unfair business practices.
  2. As a Google user, your search history data can be accessed by the NSA and the FBI without obtaining court orders.
  3. _____ is is an inflammation of the nerve that connects the forearm to the palm of the wrist.
  4. Posting information to the Internet using anonymous email accounts or screen names makes it impossible to identify a libeler.
  5. It is illegal for companies to buy and sell personal data collected through marketing and sales efforts.
  6. A job that requires sitting at a desk and using a computer for many hours a day can lead to _______.
  7. Training and incentives are the keys to the successful acceptance and implementation of policies and procedures governing waste and error prevention.
  8. The use of computers in the workplace is a double-edged sword for workers. While they help to increase productivity and efficiency, they can also raise concerns about privacy and health issues.
  9. Consumers who have enrolled in mobile banking and downloaded the mobile application to their cell phones can check their credit card balances before making major purchases.
  10. A(n) _____ is an HTML code, not visible on a displayed Web page, that contains keywords representing the Website’s content, which search engines use to build indexes pointing to the Website.
  11. When compared to traditional commerce ________.
  12. is an approach used to capture user-provided information, such as information from warranties, surveys, user registrations, and contest-entry forms completed online.
  13. If you abandon an online shopping cart, the seller does not care what you were shopping for.
  14. Unlike B2C sites, some B2B sites
  15. In 1992, the Supreme Court ruled that online retailers must collect sales taxes even in states where they lack a physical presence.
  16. Smart cards are less protected from misuse that conventional credit, charge, and debit cards because the smart card information is not encrypted.
  17. A company’s risk assessment process can include numerous threats to the computers and networks. Which of the following can be considered an adverse event?
  18. You had used an online service to apply for a credit card. As part of the process, you submitted your personal information such as SSN, date of birth, employer information, etc. Soon after you started receiving bills for items you did not purchase. You have become a victim of
  19. A zombie computer would send requests to access to the target site again and again.
  20. There are bots that can sign up for thousands of email accounts.
  21. An attack that takes place before the security community and/or software developers become aware of and fix a security vulnerability is called the ‘zero-day attack.’
  22. If an attack is dangerous enough, it may warrant shutting down or disconnecting critical systems from the network.
  23. Your business has a web server that has suddenly become unresponsive. When you study the server’s logs there are a huge number of requests from what appear to be legitimate computers. The problem is likely because of disconnecting critical systems from the network.
  24. There are laws that require businesses to prove that their data is secure.
  25. When you receive a text message that there is a problem with your bank account and you are required you to click on a link to submit some information, you are likely seeing a vishing attack.
  26. Any Internet traffic that is not explicitly permitted into the internal network is denied entry through a firewall.
  27. An employee who is marked for a lay-off sent threatening emails to his boss, stating that he is going to delete sensitive data. This employee can be charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
  28. Downloading games from unknown websites can be risky. The software may be a Trojan horse.
  29. Which of the following is the correct description of a firewall?
  30. Once a _____ is installed, the attacker can gain full access to the computer.
  31. Transmitting a program, code, or command that causes harm to a computer is a crime.
  32. Even legitimate organizations sometimes use email spam for promoting products.
  33. Suppose your computer network was compromised in a large scale virus attack last Thursday. Most of the data files got corrupted beyond repair. The last data backup was done the Sunday before the virus attack. This means your company has an adequate backup process in place.
  34. Which of the following shortcoming may be revealed during an IT security audit?
  35. Assume your organization is experiencing an intruder attack. You have an intrusion detection system (IDS) set up. Which of the following events occurs first?
  36. The eventual success of any system solely depends on how users work with it.
  37. A _____ is a description of the logical and physical structure of data and the relationships among the data for each user.
  38. Operational feasibility takes into account the need to meet certain system performance requirements that are considered important to system users and stakeholders.
  39. Phil has been working on a new version of his company’s best-selling sales management software and now he’d like to ask several co-workers and a handful of the existing version’s top users to perform an acceptance test. Phil is preparing for
  40. In the context of data-flow diagrams (DFDs), the _____ includes arrows that show the direction of data movement.
  41. Which of the following statements is true of user acceptance testing (UAT)?
  42. Suppose your business is using software that was written using FORTRAN 77. They wish to modify it to accommodate new requirements. It is a sound advice to suggest that they consider switching to a new application using newer technologies (e.g. Microsoft ASP.Net), rather than modify the current software.
  43. System testing is often done by independent testers who are not involved in developing program code.
  44. A marketing manager who does not have deep knowledge of information systems or data science, will NOT be able to use BI tools
  45. The graphical representation that summarizes the steps a consumer takes in making the decision to buy your product and become a customer is called
  46. Creative data scientists – a key component of BI efforts in an organization – are people who are primarily focused on coming up with novel ways of analyzing data.
  47. encourages nontechnical end users to make decisions based on facts and analyses rather than intuition.
  48. The data for BI (business intelligence) comes from many sources.
  49. One of the goals of business intelligence is to _________.
  50. From which vendor is the BI product Business Objects available?
  51. Power Pivot and Power Query are components of Microsoft’s Power BI tool.
  52. Virtual reality simulations require special interface devices that transmit the sights, sounds, and sensations of the simulated world to the user.
  53. An expert system, using the explanation facility, can indicate all the facts and rules that were used in reaching a conclusion.
  54. Best Value Hardware Stores, a national chain, has established strict policies about the conditions under which a customer can return merchandise. These policies are an example of:
  55. You joined an agriculture business as an Assistant Marketing Manager and you are full of ideas on how to improve sales. When you voiced your thoughts to your boss, she mentions “do not reinvent the wheel”. It means
  56. A _____ is a group of people with common interests who come together to create, store, and share knowledge of a specific topic.
  57. is a mathematical theory for developing strategies that maximize gains and minimize losses while adhering to a given set of rules and constraints.
  58. _____ can process many pieces of data at the same time and learn to recognize patterns.
  59. Many organizations actively attempt to convert explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge.
  60. If an organization considers its IS organization as a cost center or service provider, then its strategic planning would be inward focused.
  61. Which of the following does not influence IT organizational strategies?
  62. Suppose the ‘User interface design’ phase of the project has a high probability of not meeting the quality requirements; however, it has significant potential impact on the overall project. It is advisable to find and assign a risk owner for this part of the project.
  63. The use of so-called SMART goals has long been advocated by management consultants. What does the M in SMART stand for?
  64. Which of the five forces in Michael Porter’s model refers to entry barriers and the relative threat of new competitors?
  65. is a set of activities that includes defining an achievable completion date that is acceptable to the project stakeholders, developing a workable project schedule, and ensuring the timely completion of the project.
  66. A senior manager from the business unit most affected by a project and who ensures the project will indeed meet the needs of his or her organization is known as the project sponsor.
  67. A CEO must be heavily inv olved in setting high-level business objectives and defining strategies.
  68. A(n) _____ is central to individuals and organizations of all sizes and ensures that information can be shared across all business functions and all levels of management to support the running and managing of a business.
  69. Product lifecycle management (PLM) typically includes customer relationship management (CRM) software
  70. The information about invoices to customers is tracked by ____ system.
  71. A designer would use computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to create, analyze, and modify the design of a component.
  72. Legacy systems typically run on the latest hardware.
  73. Which of these is an advantage of the hosted software model?
  74. Using the hosted software model implies that a small business firm needs to employ a full-time IT person to maintain key business applications.
  75. Large organizations were the first to take on the challenge of implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP).