CSIS 100 Midterm

  1. An example of a common hardware function performed by the operating system is presenting information on a monitor or printer.
  2. The operating system converts a basic user request into the set of detailed instructions that the computer hardware requires, thus acting as an intermediary between the application and the hardware.
  3. In most large organizations, the IS department is divided into the following functions __________.
  4. A ______ is a collection of instructions and commands used to define and describe data and relationships in a specific database.
  5. A podcast is a video broadcast over the Internet.
  6. A _____ is a computer employed by many users to perform a specific task, such as running network or Internet applications.
  7. For the ____ operation, it is required that the the two tables have a common attribute.
  8. _____ is the standard page description language for Web pages.
  9. are responsible for running and maintaining information system equipment and also for scheduling, hardware maintenance, and preparing input and output.
  10. Which of the following is NOT a task typically associated with the systems analyst role?
  11. A(n) _____ device provides data and instructions to the computer and receives results from it.
  12. The information systems operations group is responsible for the day-to-day running of IS hardware to process the organization’s information systems workload.
  13. are used in standardized tests, including the SAT and GMAT tests, and to record votes in elections.
  14. In the context of the relational database model, selecting involves combining two or more tables.
  15. Chip-and-PIN cards employ a computer chip that communicates with a card reader using infrared frequencies so that the cards do not need to be swiped at a terminal.
  16. The action of including only some columns for output while retrieving data is known as ____.
  17. Disk mirroring is a method of storing data that generates extra bits of data from existing data, allowing the system to create a “reconstruction map” so that if a hard drive fails, it can rebuild lost data.
  18. Suppose you wish to run two different operating systems on one computer, you can accomplish it by using
  19. One of the final steps in installing and using a large database involves “telling” the database management system (DBMS) the logical and physical structure of the data and the relationships among the data for each user.
  20. The use of middleware to connect disparate systems has evolved into an approach for developing software and systems called
  21. Suppose a business wishes to move away from hosting its own applications, the recommended solution is to use
  22. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) uses companies called _____ to handle the business of registering domain names.
  23. _____ are the most powerful computers with the fastest processing speed and highest performance.
  24. Important functions of the chief information officer include
  25. There are Web-based productivity software suites that require no installation on the computer.
  26. Providing value to a _____ is the primary goal of any organization.
  27. is used to temporarily hold small units of program instructions and data immediately before, during, and after execution by the central processing unit (CPU).
  28. You might be an information systems worker if you _________.
  29. If “color” is an attribute, then “green” is a data item.
  30. _____ is an example of a popular general purpose software suite for personal computer users.
  31. Secondary storage can store large amounts of data, instructions, and information more permanently than allowed with main memory.
  32. The world-wide-web uses _____ protocol for transmitting content.
  33. JavaScript can be used to validate data entry in a Web form.
  34. _____ is a visa program that allows skilled employees from foreign lands into the United States.
  35. Each attribute in a relational database model can be constrained to a range of allowable values called a
  36. All of the following are positive driving forces that influence chance according to Lewin’s Theory of Force Field Analysis, EXCEPT:
  37. A _____ is a telecommunications network that connects users and their computers in a geographical area that spans a campus or a city.
  38. When you are looking for a ‘hotspot’, you are searching for _____.
  39. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a leading standards-setting organization whose IEEE network standards are the basis for many telecommunications devices and services.
  40. “Adapting” is the second stage in Lewin’s Change Model, which involves learning new work methods, behaviors, and systems.
  41. _____ is a storage technology that is primarily used only for backups.
  42. Solid state storage devices (SSDs) store data in hard disk drives or optical media rather than memory chips.
  43. In a manufacturing organization, the supply chain is a key value chain whose primary activities include all of the following EXCEPT:
  44. is a personal application software that includes a wide range of built-in functions for statistical, financial, logical, database, graphics, and date and time calculations.
  45. Today’s mobile phones and some PCs use a touch user interface called a _____ to allow people to control the personal computer.
  46. Which of the following theories explains how a new idea or product gains acceptance and spreads through a specific population or subset of an organization?
  47. According to Lewin’s Change Model, an organization must deliberately change old habits, learn new work methods, and accept the new work methods as parts of the job.
  48. Systems software consists of programs that help users solve particular computing problems.
  49. At Coast-to-Coast Moving and Van Lines, Ryan is responsible for managing the flow of the company’s data, from initial acquisition of new data to deletion of old, outdated data. Ryan is involved in
  50. A database management system (DBMS) serves as an interface between an application program and a database.
  51. With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft announced that it would publish ongoing, incremental upgrades instead of releasing new versions of the software every few years. However, some IS professionals have opted out of frequent updates because they believe making minimal changes will ensure reliable operations.
  52. Kendra is taking a class in Finance and she has been asked to give a speech about a case study in which she’s been working. She wants to create a set of slides containing a summary of her study notes that she will project on a screen while she’s speaking. Which type of personal application software should she use to create her slides?
  53. An attribute is a general class of people, places, or things for which data is collected, stored, and maintained
  54. The scope of green computing is limited to the efficient and environmentally responsible design and manufacture of all types of computers.
  55. Cache memory is available in two forms: level 1, which is found on the CPU chip, and level 2, which can be accessed over a high-speed dedicated interface.
  56. The process of converting human-readable data into machine-readable form is called _____.
  57. An organization’s structure is independent of its goals and approach to management.
  58. One of the primary roles of a senior IS manager is to communicate with other areas of the organization to determine changing business needs.
  59. The role of a systems analyst is narrowly defined and seldom involves communications with others.
  60. Primary memory, which holds program instructions and data, is not associated with the central processing unit (CPU).
  61. Which of the following systems can help identify your geolocation?
  62. _____ is an open-source operating system whose source code is freely available to everyone.
  63. is an approach that starts by investigating the general data and information needs of an organization at the strategic level and then examines more specific data and information needs for the functional areas and departments within the organization.
  64. Whileusingyoursmartcardatastore’scheckoutterminal,youarepromptedtoenteryourPIN. The PIN is then sent on the network to compare with the stored PIN for authorization.
  65. The United States has high Internet penetration among its population constituting the majority of people online.