HOMI 500 Quiz: Foundations

Quiz: Foundations for Writing the Sermon

  1. The goal of using the structural diagram and immediate observations is to gain as much information about the Text as you can?
  2. A predicate is a grammatical term that expresses the being or action of the subject.
  3. The skill that McDill wants to develop by using the structural diagram is this: recognizing and noting the relationship and function of various ideas in the text.
  4. Which one is not part of the Classic Method in moving from Text to Sermon?
  5. McDill states that the preacher should not state the four sentences in his Introduction as that would seem awkward to the audience.
  6. Research Questions are composed of which of the following types of questions?
  7. The Bible was written to
  8. Meaning and significance, as related to interpreting the Text, are synonymous.
  9. Sermon Division statements are stand alone universal principles.
  10. A quality division statement will be a complete statement in the past tense that reflects the Biblical writers qualification of the Text Idea.
  11. Sermons are essentially persuasive speech.
  12. Which one is not a factor in developing your powers of observation:
  13. Preachers are interpreters of the Text, who translate the meaning for their audience.
  14. The approach that McDill uses is the deductive approach?
  15. Before preaching a sermon, the preacher should have written a purpose statement of his sermon.
  16. A benefit of the structural diagram is that the main ideas in the text will stand out the most support from secondary ideas.
  17. The Text Idea and the Sermon Idea are the same thing.
  18. To test the validity of see whether it will stand alone as a timeless and universal statement of theological truth.
  19. The Text Idea and the Sermon Idea are both to be written as complete present tense sentences.
  20. Name the kinds of authority for a sermon that are based on the extent to which it reflects the subject and purpose of the Text.
  21. A purpose statement has as its goal an effect or change that the preacher is looking for his listeners to make. Which one(s) are desired changes according to McDill?
  22. The Text Idea should be a complete present tense sentence that is made up of the subject/modifier and removes the historical context from the sentence.
  23. Predicates have a direct connection to the sermon division statements.
  24. Which one is not an investigative question?
  25. When Analyzing the Text, the first step should be to start researching in the commentaries.
  26. The best way to interpret Scripture is with the best commentaries.
  27. To test the validity of the sermon idea you see whether it will stand alone as a timeless and universal statement of theological truth.
  1. Not only does interpretation aim for discovering meaning, but it also aims to go beyond meaning to significance.
  2. Match the following
  3. Match the following: